Grass Roots Rise Up

We’ve known this for a longtime. The establishement GOP is at war with the base. I guess it is easier for them to fight us than it is to fight the real enemy. And all the while they are doing it, they’re still wanting our hard earned dollars in the form of RNC donations so they can continue fighting us and being squishy. So, what do we do about it?

Well we have been told a third party is out of the question. I’m not advocating one so don’t throw me off the site. But, at the same time we do not have to go along with the establishment either. If you remember, we fought back in one instance and were victorious.

Let’s get in our time machine and travel back to the summer and early fall of 05. The then President Bush in his constant stealth mode was going to appoint Harriet Myers to the Supreme Court. We in the hinterlands didn’t like this because we were wanting someone like Scalia who would revere the Constition and not subvert it. To make a long story short, we rose up and said enough is enough and demanded the administration appoint a conservative to the bench. The end result, we got Justice Alito.

My point, we need to rise up like this again. Jeb Bush is out there itching to be another squish canidate for our side. It is crucial to  shout from the rafters and demand the RNC to back a conservative for presidency or else. We did it in 05 and we can do it now. These guys need to feel and hear our roar. Let’s stop with this “can’t do” attitude and adopt a “do or die” attitude and get it done.





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