Chirpers And Whacko Birds

In a USA Today Column the headline read “Jeb Bush dismisses ‘chirpers’ on his right.”  He goes on to say that he believes he will be able to manage his way through all the Chirpers(whacko birds) out there. These comments go hand in hand with the one talking about how immigrants are more fertile. GOP do you like the being labeled the party of stupid?

Immigration issue aside, Mr. Bush you just insulted this “chirper” and in ’16 you will have the nerve to ask for my vote? Before, I go on, I will make a disclaimer and say that I am not one of those three million who stayed home. I voted in both 08 and ’12, and unfortunately I will vote for your Rhino hide. But, sir, that’s all you will get and it won’t be a vote for you but against your opponent. And trust me Mr. Bush, there won’t be enough moderates and independants to equal the worth of my vote.

With that bit of housekeeping out of the way, here is why you will lose again. Because most “chirpers” are not like me. And it’s not because I am “reasonable”. It’s that I really don’t have the stomach for another Liberal/ tyrannical administration. But other “chirpers” do and I have a strange admiration for them. They will truly believe that you sir a good hill to die on.

As I said sir, you may get my vote, but you will won’t get my hopes and dreams or my faith. And rest assure I will work hard against you in the primary.

However, I see the train coming down the tracks, you will run major smear campaigns with the help of your long time family friend Karl Rove against the likes of Rand Paul if he decides to run. And most likely you will have Dems voting for you in open primaries like they did for McCain. And you will eat it up because you will have thought you have swayed them to your side. Then, during the presidential election, while you are being ever so gracious to Hillary during what will be sham debates enabled by the RNC who agreed to having hack moderators, the other side will label you a “Tea Bagger” and accuse you and the Repubs of masterminding the Boston Bombing’ due to the fact that it was on Tax Day.

Truthfully, attaching you to the Tea Party will be another insult to us “chirpers” by then. Oh, and no it won’t work to nominate a conservative Veep this time. Again, “chirpers” will see right through you.  In fact, do us all a favor, and just nominate one that will be even squishier than you.

So, Jeb Bush, you and the other chorus of Rhinos, keep telling the  “whacko birds” to shut up and then you enjoy their silence on Nov 2nd, 2016.

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