No Smoking Gun

One interesting thing that Rush Limbaugh pointed out on his show today is that there will never be a smoking gun that will tie Mr. Obama to any of these scandals, with maybe the exception of the IRS  scandal due to the White House visitor logs.

Deep down, I think we all know this to be true. But his take this morning was very interesting as well as obvious. According to him, Obama doesn’t need to give marching orders to those under him who have allegedly abused power. They already know what to do.

Rush went onto say the President appointed the type of people who were ideaological, who were radical, and who had axes to grind with his “enemies”. He also, chose the type of people that if given power and authority would abuse it– shall we say, thugs. As a result, there will be no possibility that any of these scandals will cause him to be removed from office. Well, as sad as I am about that prospect, here is what i propse we ought to do. And yes, these are not startling revelations.

  • Hold people accountable. The prizes would be Eric Holder’s resigantion and Lois Lerner’s incarceration. But  I think we should start with those rogue agents in Cincinatti. We need to demand that those people get jail time. At least Congress or whoever needs to threaten them with prosecution.   Again, find out who these people are and try them and jail them.
  • We need to take back Congress.  And we need to primary the enablers. We know who those people are.
  • When we take back Congress, we need to demand that they shut down the IRS. Cold Turkey. We want firings. And we want a flat tax.
  • We also need to repeal the Patriot Act. We can join forces with the Dems on this one. I am hearing that they do not like this anymore than we do.
  • Come 2016 we need all hands on deck this time. Conservative purists(and I sympathize with you) this should be a wake up call that you can no longer afford to sit elections out. Vote! Vote! The most likely scenario, would be a Jeb Bush or a Marco Rubio. Doesn’t matter. This time we need to get them in.
  • Once they are in office, we need not give them a blank check either. We monitor them and we say no to anything that is fishy. We demand they govern conservatively and we demand that they shrink back government.

I think we can do this, if we stay on this and don’t get complacent. It will take all of us, writing letters protesting and doing everything we can to agitate legally to bring about these changes. Let’s not give up!




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