Apple Computer Boo Hoo

There are definate comparisons to what is happening to Apple to the great book Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, one of the best American authors of our time. It can also be described as Orwellian and almost Kafkaesque to call the CEO’s before Congress to testify about legal financial practices. I think I would throw Dr. Seuss into the mix. As a strident Conservative, I find this appalling. But, I think others can make that case better than I. Right now, I would like to address Apple directly.


Hey Apple, you did this to yourself. You shot your own foot by donating I am sure millions to the Obama Campaign, not once but twice. I am sure you also sent your best and brightest to help create their mammoth GOTV machine. So, essentially you sanctioned what is happening to you now. You obviously thought it was ok for me and everyone else to pay higher taxes, get substandard healthcare, but felt that you would surely be exempt from any financial penalty for your success. You are like all those other rich liberals who practice the philosophy of “For thee, but not for me.” But this time it, didn’t work out that way did it?

You see when the vultures and parasites that you got in bed with come for people, they come for us all, and that includes you. You were just a useful idiot to them and now you have outgrown your usefulness. They don’t care about any of your contributions to our country, or your direct help to them in achieving their goals. I hope this is a teachable moment for you. And do you want to know something else?

Those geeks who work for you that you sent to help the Obama Campaign, they hate you as well, They see you as an evil corporation who owes them a job because they are living. So, as you can see no one really on that side likes you. But, yet you cozy up to them anyway. Why?

I am sure you have a very Machiavellian reason for doing so. I am sure you would tell me it is about your bottom line. But the bottom line is this, had you backed a Republican, you would not be up on Capitol HIll wasting your time and my dollar.

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