The Faces Of Big Government Scandals

I will be direct and to the point. It took some time with these scandals, but the usual suspects are rearing their ugly heads.  The “don’t argue with those who buy ink by the barrel” folks. The “If your arguing your losing folks.” the “Say nothing and let the facts speak for themselves’ folks.  The, “we need the independent and Moderate folks”. The “Where do the Conservatives going to go folk”.

Well, they’re now telling us to calm down. Don’t make it personal. “It’s about the failure of big government. .. not about li… li …liberalism. Why if we make it personal we will upset the independants, the moderates.  We need to reach every one. Educate. But, there’s one problem.

I am upset, and I am pissed off about the IRS targetting my bretheren for their conservative beliefs. And as far as I am concerned, the Indies and the Mods ought to be as well. And if they are not, SHAME ON THEM!

SO, yes it is personal. and I want faces. And I want orange jumpsuits and perp walks. We need to make this personal. The people who did this to us are not just nice people who were out of their depth. the people who did this are the type(Rahm Emanuel) who stab the table with steak knives and pronounce their enemies dead. They tried to squash Conservatism people.  They didn’t just disagree with us, they blatantly tried to squash us with the enforcement arm of the government.

To ignore them and turn the other cheek will empower them further. No excuses. We need not tone down our message. If there ever is the time for Conservatism, the time is now!  It’s not the time for “Compassionate Conservatism” it’s not the time for moderate Republicanism. What we are fighting is a frontal assault on the fabric of this country. So, no, I will not leave my tri cornered hat at home. And I will fly the Gadsden flag proudly– and do you want to know why? Because I am tired of waving  the white flag the last eight years, especially for those who supposedly share my values.  This diary, is short, raw and unedited and I don’t care. It speaks for itself.



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