Scandals, Barack Obama, And GW Did This Too!

Well my friends, the shock of the scandals has worn off and the Liberals are now defending the Great One, the Sun King. But one can’t think that in the darkest corners of their tortured minds they’re saying” Say it ain’t’t so Barack… you didn’t do what Nixon did and use the IRS to punish your enemies… you didn’t get four people killed by failing to protect them overseas and then cover it up… you didn’t seize AP journalists’ phone records and monitor their commnications, did you? Well, maybe they’re not– but let me have my Conservative porn fantasy, will you?

That aside, here is now what they are doing. When in trouble, it’s Uncle Saul to the rescue and his Rules For Radicals. Our Lib friends are referring to rule 3 and 4 for guidance and comfort.


Rule Three: Whenever possible, go outside the expertise of the enemy. Look for ways to increase insecurity, anxiety and uncertainty.”

Rule Four: “Make the enemy live by their own book of rules”

They are implementing these rules by reaching back in history and dredging up their own examples of when and where GW Bush ran a little loose with his authority and maybe skirted the law. (maybe, rule 13 for the Twenty First century should be, when in doubt, refer to Bush!)  An example of this would be an  article titled  “When The IRS Targeted Liberals” this can be found on the most esteemed news website www.salon.com . Sorry to plug such a rag.

The article talks about how former President Bush targeted the NAACP and other Liberal organizations. Well gotcha wascawy Repwublicans!*Elmer Fudd voice*

You see, they would say, you can’t point fingers because your guy did it too, there goes your moral high ground. Again rule #3, make us live by our own standard– and rule #4, go beyond our knowledge an expertise. Make us question our convictions. Or get us mired in renouncements of our own guy. And make us afraid of our own convictions because we think we don’t have all the info.

I have to say, it’s a good argument. Very clever. So, how do you respond? You answer back by understanding and doing the following.

While they are doing their  best to make your foundation shaky, there’s is just, if not even more shaky.

a) You still have the moral upper hand by citing not one, but 3 and maybe more current scandals about their guy. So, while they can go back and dredge up old news about past Republican abuses you have three right in front of you and them about their”horse” that are bad and show a pattern of intimidation and deceit, with evidence piling up on each other to support the claims. So, you say to them, “Before we start talking about ancient history, what say you about Mr. Obama’s current moral and ethical lapses? Are you ok with them? Are they acceptable? Yes or no? Make them condemn their guy first who is actually in a position to do more harm if he gets away with this mischief.

Bush, Nixon, and others are gone and in some cases literally. They can longer hurt us. But, Obama, Holder, Sebellius and others in this band of pirates still can, and if allowed, will do so.


b)  Take a sling shot and fire back at them rule #3  “Lets’ talk about Nixon, I believe it was you or your parents and  in some cases, your grand parents,  that shouted from the rafters that what he did in his Presidency was unacceptable; especially using the IRS  to intimidate his enemies. So. you are now saying that your guy Barack Hussien Obama, who supposedly walked on water can do exactly what you ran Nixon out of office for doing?”


c) When they retort with whatever,  let them know the response you are looking for from them is a condemnation of what their guy did. They won’t give it, of course. Ask them why not? And then follow up and ask them if they think it is ok for an American President to abuse their power since that is the position they are currently defending. They might throw that one back at you, but in reality they are the ones who first established this standard. So, ultimately it is up to them to live up to it. Again, rule #3 straight between their eyes.

My point is to tell you all to hold the line with your Lib Facebook friends and others and keep holding their feet to the fire. All of us here are on the side of right and we not only are fighting to protect ourselves from this kind of abuse and tyranny, we are protecting them as well, whether they know it or for that matter, really want it.


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