Hillary Will Win

Right now it would appear we have the Obama Administration on the ropes. More importantly, we have Hillary on the run. I can hear the likes of Karl Rove chortle in his oak- paneled lair, saying things like, “we’ll just let her hang herself… why her involvement Benghazi and Obama’s poor performance will speak volumes to the American people and do our work for us… ” It will be this notion that he will base his decision to back another squish, possibly a Jeb Bush/Marco Rubio ticket. Again, he’ll think Conservatives will get on board because who in their right mind would sit this one out and elect Hillary? Wrong! Hillary will win!


We think we have her now. We think by the time this Benghazi stuff is all done, she will be so damaged that she wouldn’t be able to run for dog catcher in ’16– she will win. And we’ll have the usual suspects to thank for the victory– the Bush haters and all things Republican  and their allies the Low info crowd, coupled the Conservative Purists who stayed home.

Hillary will win if we continue to play around in Immigration Reform sandbox and also the Moderate voter sand box. Hillary will win if we continue to think she is just out of her depth. To call her grossly incompetant is being way too charitable. She is deliberate and her mischief is done intentionally. I write this to continue to be a squeaky wheel on this issue of the need to become Conservatives again.

A Hillary loss will happen because we will have repudiateed everything this  woman stands for. She’ll lose if we promise to invalidate all of the bad laws that this administration inacted. She’ll lose if our canidate promises to cut the IRS off at the knees and turn the rest of them into measly file clerks in some moldy government basement. She’ll lose when we say, “we can get there in time!” Followed by,” never again will we leave our embassies and installations over seas unguarded.”

If these these scandals do anything for our party, they give us the license to become Conservatives again. They hold the mirror up to Liberalism  and show everyone again, what an ugly beast it is. But, we can’t let that image stand on its own. We have to reinforce it with sound ideas, ideas which are Conservative.

Let’s not rely on current events to do our bidding on this one. If we do that, we will most definately have another President Clinton and Vice President Obama(Michelle). Let’s be proactive and please, let’s be Conservative, or Hillary will win.