Benghazi, IRS Scandal, AP Scandal Is There A More Perfect Storm?

Conventional wisdom says that all things happen in threes: Benghazi, the IRS targeting Conservatives, and the DOJ monitoring AP phone records.

There is so much meaning to be gleaned from this “trifecta”. Very simply, it shows a current pattern of behavior among many examples.  It also tells us that none of these occurances were mistakes and in fact they were done intentionally.

This also means that not only does the Administration have any credibility, neither do it’s supporters. I have always held the opinion that it is those who voted for Obama( and they did twice) who are responsible for President’s actions.  As result, they should not be listened to and they should be reminded of the fact that their guy has no credibility on any issue, and as a result they don’t either.

While on Facebook, I noticed a friend who is liberal, post a petition calling on Congress to reconsider the universal background check. Again, these people have no credibility in that as of right now, I do not trust the Obama Administration or the DOJ to admisiter such a program– this along with the fact that it is unconstituional.

As expressed in the title, I can’t think of a more perfect storm than now, to begin to right some of these wrongs. We need to demand that Obamacare be delayed in it’s implementation because of the IRS is in charge of the enforcement of it. Again, they have no credibility or our trust.

Rush said events are the only way minds are going to change. Right now the media is interested in all of these stories and those events are here. So with that in mind, what do we do?

Well, to say it differently than the title, we have a little bonfire going here and we need to fan the flames.

This means rallies. This means letters to those in the Conservative fight club. Again rallies rallies rallies. We need to start screaming from the rafters. Need I say more?

I’ve had enough of this BS and I have had enough of the enablers and I think it is time we shout down those who have ridiculed us for warning the country about who Mr. Obama and his gang really are. So, Tea Party.,912 Project, it’s time to lock and load, again. And let’s march on Washington and demand satisfaction from Congress. I say do this now and not wait for the congessional elections. This what momentum looks like and this what it means to have the ball and run with it. It’s up to us to make this happen.

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