To Mrs. Clinton

Mrs. Clinton,

I will promise to give you more respect then you did the memories of the four patriots who died in Benghazi that day. I am writing you to tell you I again watched footage of your testimony a couple months ago. You know the one where you blew up and asked “what difference did it make?” Well can I ask you something else? Do you really think that was the proper tone to take over such a grave issue as a deadly attack on our embassy that happened on your watch? Do you really think you had any right to display such indignation? The answer is no.

That day you owed Ambassador Stevens and the four others contrition. You owed them humility and grace. Maam, don’t you get it? This happened on your watch– and your boss’s too. And yet you want all of us to think you have the gravitas to take  the helm of this great country. A person of true character takes responsibility for their mistakes. They reflect on them and figure out how not to make the same mistake again. They don’t get mad when they are asked about their involvement in a snafu of this magnitude.  Granted there is nothing you can say or do that would make me think that you are the right person for President. As far as I am concerned, you are the wrong person for any kind of job that involves governing people.

I hope we can arrange it so you enjoy a nice career as a Womens’ Studies professor at the college of your choice. I would prefer that you get a job in the private sector, but so far I don’t think there is much out there in the real world that you would be good at. So, a nice private university that will put up with your drivel will do.

But, never, should you be even a janitor in the halls of government ever again. It pains me to say this, but if I have to vote(God forbid) another Bush into the Whitehouse to stop your presidency, I will do it.

Maam, I would love to have been the Senator who was questioning you that day. I am not sure he was ready for your outburst. But, I will have my fantasy. If you had done that to me I would say this with an appropriate snarl. “Listen up Hil, we have four dead Americans due to a colossal government screw up that you are responsible for. The blood is one your hands so lose the attitude missy!” That’s what I would have said.

Tomorrow we are going to hear testimony from  some of the survivors who were the recipient of yours and your boss’s incompetence and shall we say apathy in this whole debacle. Please give them the respect they deserve. Maybe this time instead of a blow up, you can shed a tear over what you failed to respond to.

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