A note to the RNC: It's Conservatives Stupids

I am expounding on a comment I made on Eric’s thread about growing a spine and Rush Limbaugh. These days when I think about the RNC I am reminded of Plan Nine From Outer Space.  “You Earthlings are stupid, stupid, stupid.” Substitute RNC for Earthlings and there you have it. Well, I need to tell you one last time, you want to win Presidential elections again, It’s Conservatives STUPIDS.

That means ditch Rove! That means no more electable squishes! That means go to black conservatives for counsel instead of the NAACP! That means understanding that you don’t tell your base to shut their mouth while you try get people to like you who are always going to hate you no matter what, and then telling meand other conservatives that we better vote for your guy or else. That just makes me tell the RNC person that calls me for money to SHOVE IT! How many times to do you have to hear that us small percentage of conservatives matter come election day? How many times do you need to try patronizing us with a Conservative VP who is either muzzeled or ineffectual in a debate before you realize that that does not work? How many times do you have to have “consultants” fleece you of our donations dollars and give you bum advice to realize that these clowns are either fighting for the other side or are con artists. And yes, I think that of MR. ROVE.  AND I WILL SAY IT AGAIN, MR.PREBUS, MAKE KARL ROVE GO AWAY! I know you’re not listening. But, someone in the RNC is going to have to if they ever want to see another victory.

Maybe, I am just a simpleton, but hey, try Conservatism, you would be super surpised at the results you get! I think Moderates would join in. Funny  thing about Moderates is that they respect conservatism when it is put in front of them. For some reason, and I don’t know why they don’t respect squishy Republicans. If they did, we would be enjoying President Mitt Romney right about now! So, have I left anything out? Let me know. Again, you want my vote, then come get it! And you do that by talking Conservative and backing it up with action. Simple Formula! No mumber crunching needed, no autopsy need be perfomed. Do you have the guts come after my conservative vote? Right now I don’t think so. Well, that’s all for now. If there are grammer mistakes and typos in this diary I apologize, but I am leaving it as is: Raw and unvarnished.