Musings About Gay Marriage

As time goes on and as we all wring our hands over this popular issue and piping “hot potato”, I haven’t heard anyone ask these simple questions.

What parts of marriage does the Gay Community want? the Holy Matrimony part? The till death do us part part? The through thick and thin part? The part where we both share the same faith in the teachings of God part, and then pass them onto our kid’s part? All of these things are the issues that adults consider when they get married.

I don’t know, there seems something very juvenile in the solidarity over this issue with the red symbols on Facebook. It just seems to me the SSM proponents are supporting people’s desire to have the Federal Government ‘s blessing to play house and giving them a pass on understanding the true meaning of marriage.

You tell me that love is love. Well love isn’t just love. There are many levels of love. The goal of marriage is to achieve true love of God. The love of each other is just a small part of it. So, I ask any of you Gay couples that claim to want to marry because you love each other, just how do you feel about God?

Now I am not a biblical scholar, but there are passages in the Bible that are specific on the issue of Gay  behaviors. Again, the true aim of marriage is about professing your love of God. Without that faith and understanding it is not an authentic marriage and merely a civil union, which by all means let the Government have at it deciding the validity of such a practice.

But, and let me pound this into your head, marriage is alot more special than that of a civil union.  And your insistance on notions of “marriage equality” will never let you feel the true power marriage that comes from entering into a union that ultimately reveres God as the highest power in all the land and requires that you follow his wisdom. Alot of Gay people I know claim that God does not speak for them or to them. They feel damned by God.

Again, true marriage is acceptance of God and his teachings.( And yes many heterosexuals don’t have that in mind when they consider marriage) But, in order for two to truly marry you need to make peace with our Lord. My question to Gay People: Are you prepared to do that? If so, then you need to follow his teachings which go hand in hand with Jesus’s teachings as well. No shortcuts ifs ands or buts. If not, I am sure you can find plenty of Elvis impersonators to preside over your ceremony or a like-minded justices of the peace. A man of God is not necessary for the occasion.