The Red Symbol In Support Of "Marriage Equality".

In case some of you are not on Facebook, there has been a drive afoot in regard to Scotus’s hearings on Prop 8. The campaign consists of supporters showing the image of two white or yellow bars against a red backdrop as their Facebook profile picture to show their support of Gay Marriage. Before I go any further I would like to say it reminds me of a communist flag or insignia and for that reason only I will refuse to display it.

Well, that being said I would like to point out that so far it has been an effective campaign and has captured the attention of Congress. The point is that this is how the Left operates. They do something that is very symbolic and unifying that seems very trivial to our side. We ignore it and go about our daily busines and then before we know we are awash in a sea of red symbols. We never know what hit us.

So, what frusteratees me as why we can’t learn from our scumbag opponents. For example, in support of Rand Paul we could have come with a symbol that had an image of a drone with a circle around it and a line through the middle.

We need to start doing alot of things, but activism is one of those areas in which we are lacking. In our defense I did think we did a great job of fending off the Assault Weapons ban. But, we could do more. Instead of trying coopt the Left’s platform, maybe we should try adopting their tactics. Who’s read Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals anybody, anybody?

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