A Mexico Policy

Well in the last week I had a very sordid love  affair with amnesty. My wife and I talked about it and we both decided, why not? Well now, I am having doubts and questions about my tryst. Apparently there were things I did not know about my dashing paramour that is “amnesty”.

What really shattered my hopes and dreams about finding peace over this issue was that it is a myth that there is a Conservative ready to burst out of that illegal; if we just make him a valid citizen,  man!

The truth is most Mexicans pretty much favor” big brother”  and want the state to provide for them. With that said, I don’t really know the answer to illegals right now– but I have come to the conclusion that we need a Mexico Policy.

Whatever we decide to do with the illegals, we need to address the thorn in our side that is Mexico. I say it is high time we approach the Mexican President and say, “Look, here is what we are offering, we help you clean up your country and get rid of the cartels and  make the damn place somewhere that your citizens want to live.” And if he laughs at us and tells us to go pound sand, we make the offer again and this time say “It’s either that, or we militarize our border and then we go about the ardous task of rounding up your fellow country men and shipping them back. How do like that?”


I think if we were to focus on doing that first and if we actually succeeded in cleaning up our neighboring country south of the border, then it would be quite clear what we should do with illegals.

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