My thoughts on Gay Marriage.

Gay marriage is a tough one it seems for the RNC to reconcile with. As of right now their handling of Gay marriage shows that they are only concerned about winning at all costs. They talk out of both sides of their mouth on the issue.  In one instance they are going to include Gays in the political tent and lend a sympathetic ear to the subject, and then in the other, they are say they will keep to their Conservative core principles. This is just my simple layman’s view of this. Well, if this is true, what does it mean? What do we tell the gay community that we stand for, man?


This is no way to have a platform. One of the problems people both “Elephant and Ass” have with the RNC is they are full of halfway positions on most things and end up doing a second rate job of fighting for what we as Americans hold dear. With that said, here is my solution to handling the Gay Marriage issue.

Our response is “It’s the Economy stupid.” Poverty doesn’t discriminate. Black white, Gay purple, Martian, it doesn’t matter if you can’t buy a loaf a bread. We need not answer gotcha questions from the media about this issue. If we must, we refer the issue to the states. After all, it’s a state’s rights question.

Personally, I disagree with the issue of gay marriage. But right now it is a boutique issue which we can’t afford to become mired in come election time. I am saying we get people energized about brining industry back to this country and restoring civil liberties and we will win. We can discuss gay marriage later.

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