'16 Republican Primaries

Lately, I am so encouraged by this overnight swell in Conservatism and defense of civil liberties ala Senator Cruz and Senator Paul. I wet my finger, stick it in the air and feel the winds of war ever so slightly shifting in our direction. What’s the reason for it? Good old fshion Conservatism. It works. People like it when they see people standing up for the things they hold dear to their hearts. It is mine and I am sure everyone else’s hope that this enthusiasm grows larger and translates into glut of Conservative canidates come the primary  season in ’16. If all goes according to hoyle and we get canidates such as Rubio, Cruz, Paul, Lee, fill free to continue the list, then it is truly a win win for the voters. Well as in my subtitle, this is my ultimate political porn fantasy. And if it comes true, this is what I’d like to see.

I’d like to see our canidates up there having a pleasant exchange about Conservative ideas. In otherwords, let’s have  a bloodless primary where the prize of front runner goes to the canidate who best represents and expresses our policies. I would also like to see them huddle up and make a pact that neither of them will dig up dirt on the other. There are plenty of scumbag Democrat operatives to do that and we should see no need to help the otherside. And if we insist on punching a few noses, go after the hack’s that always seem to get chosen as moderators for these debates. In fact, you have my permission to tear them new ones; that would be one way to energize the base– plus, seems to me one of the key components to victory is wounding the media like we did with Dan Rather in 04. I can’t stress  enough how important it is to go after the media.

A bloody primary signifies lousy canidates. Since they have nothing substantial to contribute to the Conservative cause, they mask that by tearing their opponents apart who they are going to need  on their side against their real opponent. Plus a tiger in the primary usually equals a kitten in the Presidential bid. So, let’s have a clean and hopefully short primary packed with Conservatives.



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