We Win By Talking About What We Stand For

This is a riff on a comment that I made on a diary. I am hooked on the idea of message. What is our message? And how do we convey it? Let me first tell you what I think that our message should no longer be.


Our canidates need to stop trotting out their resumes. Mitt Romney basically ran on the idea that he managed a business in the private sector and had more experience than the current president. He claimed that Obama was a weak manager with no experience. Well, all that was true. It seemed logical that we would want a guy in there with real business cred– as opposed to Barry’s community organizing street cred. But my question to Mitt is, what do you stand for man? Corollary to that, how do you feel about civil liberties?


We win elections by talking about what our vision is for this country is and how we can carry on the ideals that our founding fathers set forward for us in all of our great nation’s precious documents. And we don’t do this in a dry way. We make it applicable to people’s lives. And we speak in clear, but dynamic language.

Along with that, we tell people how adhering to all the sacred principles as expressed in our Constituion translate into more prosperity for the individual. And we talk about how they correlate with notions of compassion and love for our fellow man.  And again, we do it in an entertaining and charismatic fashion.

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