Speak Plainly And Stay On Message

“Yes we can!” still echoes in my ears. And the aftertaste of the “Naked Lunch” that was the 08 election is burning the rooftop of my mouth.

2012 was even worse. My scalp is still raw from all the hair I pulled out of my head. So, what what went wrong? What didn’t we do? We had minorities on parade at our lovefest of a convention. We had Dirty Harry do theater of the mind. That should have appealed to our more artsy members. Our canidate had Bill Blass teeth and perfect hair who lovingly assured the public that it was ok to make mistakes and you have permission to vote correctly the next time.  But yet Obama beat him with both hands tied behind his back. So, what’s the answer?  Lots of people throw up their hands and say the majority of the people just want free stuff. Sorry, I don’t believe that.

Rugged individualism is still out there, as well as the American spirit. Deep down people know what is right. They know that hard work is rewarded. So, the question is how do we get our message across? The answer is plain speech.

A. The Economy: The harder you work the more you should be paid and the more you get to keep.  Government needs to step off.

B.The Constutution: We follow the Ten Commandments and we should do the same with the Constitution. It’s not a prose poem for royal smart people to attach to their own interpretations. It says what it says and means what it means. No ifs, ands or buts.

C. National Security. We will thump anyone who messes with us or is a buddy with those who mess with us. GW Bush in his heyday had it right when he espoused” Either you are with us or against us.” And we will defend our civil liberties as ferociously as we defend our homeland. Without one or the other, neither will exist.

D. Social Issues: We’ll cheer for morality and virtue. But at the end of the day it’s for the individual states to decide issues pertaining to gay marriage abortion etc. You as a citizen can decide where you fall on the spectrum of social issues and live in the appropriate state.

F. Immigration: Hey immigrants your here. Congratulations on making the tough journey! Please become a citizen in the perscribed amount of time or else. And this will be the first and last time you get to break our laws. Time to pay up by participating in the business of maintaining this great nation or get out and we will throw you out.

Green Energy: We want the energy that is cheap and saves you the citizen alot of green and makes the provider alot of green as well. Drilling anyone?

Well, that is what I mean by plain speech. And that is what  Conservatism means to me. And again plain speech and stay on message.



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