Evil Clowns And Obama Supporters

These days I am having a good time playing whack the mole with Libs. Everytime a dufus pops their head up on Facebook with an idiotic post, I have taken to bonking them on the head with a huge mallet and shoving them back into their hole of anger, stupidity and despair. I am also starting to understand the “evil clown thing and why everybody fears them. I fear them now. So much so that they make me want to curl up in a fetal position and make me scream for my mommy.  To me Libs and Obama supporters epitomize the image which is why I fear them so; that hellish being with an idiotic painted face, operating without any moral restraint and is tone deaf to logic and reason. Calling Batman!

Today I watched on C Span Mrs. Clinton  yelling at the good senator from Wisconson for having the gall to demand that she give some truthful answers over the Benghazi quagmire. Well I commend the Senator’s efforts. But, sadly Mrs. Clinton wouldn’t know the truth if it came and bit her on her “cankles”– and who’s to say it hasn’t?

She asks, “What difference at this point does it make.” She of course was talking about the reasons for the attack on the embassy and her’s and everyone else in this regime’s part in covering up the real reasons for the murder of four American Patriots. Well, Mrs. Clinton, it is quite clear to me that it doesn’t make any difference to you or the evil clowns who support you. I read their posts praising you for defecating all over the memories of Amabassador Stevens  and the other brave souls who thought their president had their back.


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