Civil Liberties And Wasteful Government Spending

As I said in my last diary, the  Rand Paul fillibuster gave the Republican Party direction. I think we need to reinvent ourselves as the Civil Liberties Restoration and Wasteful Spending Slasher Party .

With civil liberties, we need to look for other areas that our Government is encroaching on them and sound the horn to all. Civil liberties gets the attention of everyone. Even the Left understands that issue and they especially cry foul when they feel their free speech is being infringed upon. Now I know some of you say that it sounds like I want the Republican Party to become the Libertarian Party, but that could not be further from the truth.

I do not ever feel we should legalize pot or any other hard drug. I believe in a very strong national defense. However, I think the Republican Party would do very well to adopt the idea of civil liberties as their key issue to differentiate themselves from the Left. What that will do is force the Left to start defending themselves when we say they are the ones who want to destroy them.

We do a very good job of talking about the Second Ammendment and should continue to do so. But, we need to highlight all of the other ones as well which would get the Low information Voters on board. Like I said, no one wants to be told that they can’t say something. So, we could rally their support in fighting abuses of the First Ammendment as well other abuses of the other ammendments.

The next issue is wasteful spending. Our stance on the Sequester gave us the greenlight to take this ball and run with it. Our end game should be to lower people”s taxes.

But to do that, we need to get people on board with the idea of being “slashers” of wasteful government spending. Here, I think we go down the list and focus on one area of ridiculous spending and enlarge the issue. Then, if and when we erradicate the said program, we can attack another one and just take them out one by one. The more ridiculous the spending example, the better. We not only need to point it out, we need to lead the charge to get it off the books. It doesn’t matter if it is only a couple of thousand dollars being spent. We fight to cut it.

Again let’s force the Dems to make the case why we need some of this pork and then ridicule them when they do. IE Nancy Pelosi. I think this is a much better debate and more original than some of the other tired issues we debate them on. In closing, once we do a bang up job on eliminating wasteful spending, we will have all the ammo we need to make the case for major tax cuts.

So, these are just my thoughts on a rainy Monday.

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