I Want To Take Pause And Say A Few Things About Former President Bush

This diary comes from the heart. There are no hard statistics. It is inspired in part by a discussion I had with a Liberal about the Iraq war and government spending and a subsequent discussion with my wife. Well as I said, I am speaking from the heart and gut. Basically, I feel it is time to start defending Bush and his record. I think one of the most brilliant tactical moves by the Democratic Party was getting us to shun him in the 08 and  2012 election. As a result, the mere mention of him by a Lib tends to shut down the debate about anything. Ok, stay with me because this diary is very stream of consiousness and that stream may wind around and double back on itself.


President George Bush was not a Conservative. Let’s get that out of the way. His basic governing strategy was to commit one act of Conservatism that involved lowering taxes and beyond that, govern as Democrat lite. Yes he is also responsible for lots of spending most of involving the war on terror.  Also, he responsible for the Patriot Act, a gross encroachment on civil liberties( the difference is is that he was a hell of alot more responsible than Mr. Obama in usurping that authority.) I am just getting his negatives out of the way which I  have harped on many times myself. With those aside, here is what George W. Bush also is.

He is truly a nice man. I had the opotunity to see him live at a rally in 04 and got the warmest vibe from him. He was able to speak from the heart and engage the crowd and invoke God and his faith in him. Remember also, in the last debate he said he could feel the country’s prayerful support of him? Wow!

As opposed to Mr. Obama, who I also had the opportunity  to see live at a campus talk. At this time he was still a senator and I found him stiff, and very pedestrian. Worst of all, he was rude to a college student who dared challenge his political view point and then proceeded to boss all of the other questioners around. His biggest transgression was snubbing the college president who had planned a dinner for him. He didn’t show up and couldn’t be bothered to call and cancel. When asked about it later, he said he had government business to attend to which turned out to be a fund raiser. And yet, everyone insists that he is likeable and captures the spirit of the youth in this country. As I said, I witnessed him disrespecting the youth.

Again, this contrasts with George W Bush who truly came off as one of us. Who spoke kindly to us . Who laughed with us. Who responded to opposition with grace(yes, I do believe he was much nicer to his political opponents than they deserved.) But, he is a man who expresses grace and humility.

Well, now here comes the Iraq war and the war on terror. His detractors will always bring up the fact that he ran up the deficit by spending 80 Billion dollars on the war. And all the lives that were lost weren’t worth it.  First of all, we  know that those who went to Iraq and Afghanisitan, their lives are priceless. And a price tag cannot be placed on what they were fighting for which was freedom and all of our safety and well being. I truly believe that as awful as it was, and still is, our involvment in Iraq and Afghanistan kept us from fighting off terrorists on our own soil. Now this is just speculation but if we hadn’t been willing to take the fight to the enemy and engage them on their own turf, Al qaeda might have set off a dirty bomb on US real estate. So, going over to Iraq and Afghanistan and showing them that we were willing to be in it for the long haul and showing them we were no joke, kept us safe in our homeland. And I don’t remember feeling the need to use drones on our own soil.

Another point that goes along with the previous paragraph, is that George W. Bush was not a war monger. The Left has done a remarkable job of painting him as a cowboy and military freak. Again, this is just my gut talking and based on what I saw of him up close. I think the last thing he ever wanted to do was go to war. I think the loss of soldiers lives weighs heavy on his conscience. I think those soldiers and their families are constantly in his prayers.

Compare this to Mr. Obama and his administration’s response to the Benghazi incident. Their first inclination was to cover up the reasons for why it happened.

Well I could go on, but I won’t. Former President George W Bush gets alot of bad press even from his own team. But, on his worst day, he was a far better president and representive of this great nation than Mr. Obam will ever be.



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