Ending The Circular Firing Squad

I am still geeking out over the Rand Paul fillibuster. And it has got me thinking that we need to end this “circular firing squad”. Now that doesn’t mean we just suddenly drop our arguments with the establishment Republicans like the Scotsmen on SNL in the all things scottish skits. What we need to do is come up with a rallying issue that we can all join forces on and beat that drum.

This last week we have found it with the issue of civil liberties. I think we can  continue to capitalize on that issue by exposing other areas where civil liberties are being infringed upon. I also think wasteful spending is another one we can come togther on and is easy to point out.

Now this shouldn’t end our Rino hunt. If Republican congressmen and senators act like Democrats it is time to just primary them without any fanfare.  And it is time to celebrate and reward those who defend our liberties and the values of American society we hold so dear.

But, while we are doing that let’s find a single issue dealing with liberty and freedom that resonates with everyone and herald it, similar and as powerful as what Rand Paul did with the drone strikes on American soil. What this specific issue is, I am open to ideas.

But my main point is it is time to stop tearing each other apart and end “the circular firing squad”.