Chris Cristie

Personally, I can’t be mad enough at Cristie for what he did to Romney and the rest of the country. And I am glad that he was not invited to CPAC. I look forward to other examples of how he is getting snubbed by Republicans and Conservatives. WIth that out of the way, here is the significance of his great photo op with “O” and his post gushing of the President.

To me this revealed a very short sighted thinker and it showed someone who panics under pressure. I find it appalling that he would not welcome Romney’s help during this time of crisis and I find it equally appalling that he could not stay cool-headed enough to hold the line for Romney and understand that his victory would have brought real relief to the people of New Jersey. Instead he, did what was expediant and acted out of fear and turned to his political enemy who I have yet to hear has done jack for New Jersey or anyone else.

The media is now warming up to Cristie. Geraldo is calling him the most popular Republican in the country. Popular to who? New Jersey? Democrats? I think the last question is the right answer.

Democrats love him because they and their media cronies can groom this schlep as the next electable canidate that we should put up against their next Rockstar especially if they do something fruity like run Michelle Obama( but, that is another diary).

As far as I am concerned, Mr Christie has nothing to say that interests me. As I am fond of pointing out, he feels New Jersey comes first and the rest of America can kiss his ass. And if the people of New Jersey love him so much I am happy to help keep him there.


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