The Liberals Are The "Man"

One of the intersting if not very troubling apsects of Hillary’s testimony is the left’s reaction. Amongst all of the efforts the other side did to paint her as a victim right down to the coke bottle glasses she wore during the hearing, the one thing that scored a direct hit with the low information crowd was her blowup and the appearance that she was really sticking it to a bunch of old white guy Republican senators or, the “man”. The truth of the situation is that Hillary and Obama are the ones who actually are the “man”. So, in reality, all Hillary did was jam it to four dead Americans who deserve much more honor and reverence than she or Obama has given them.

Well this example illustrates a fundamental problem Republicans have with young people. What we are missing  concerning the youth is their suspicions of authority and their need to question it. This is where liberals have swooped in to fill that void in young people’s lives. They have continued to effectively paint the conservatives as the “man” who is, regardless of who is in office the ones who are keeping the little guy down. And it is Republicans who are the cause of all that ails Americans due to their oppressive ideaology. They back up those assertions with art in the form of poems, movies and comedy(they have mastered all the ways of communication)


However, the real picture is is that they are the ones who are stamping out free thought on campus. They are the ones who introduced speech codes. They are the ones who came up with the term “political correctness”. They are the ones that get good professors who actually have something meaty to offer students  fired and replaced with wack jobs like Ward Churchhill. They are the ones who are for turning this country into a police state that wants to wipe out the 2nd Ammendment and all of the rest of the Constitution. But again, they have affectively poisoned the minds of the young and have them thinking that we as conservatives are enemies of the Cosntitution.

Our assignment as conservatives.  We need to recapture the youth by showing them who the true “man” is and who the people are whose authority they should be questioning. We do that by learning how to use art to reach the minds of youth who are more receptive to creativity.

Well, as I write this I am having revelations that are stacking up on each other. The strongest one that has come to me is that we need to encourage young conservative students to pursue endeavors such as theater, writing, painting and music to counter all of liberals in those fields. The left has done an excellent job of hijacking those areas and suprisingly, under our noses, they are seizing areas such as tech and science. It is not enough to have our young Republicans be Business and Poli Sci majors. The left is making inroads in everything and are continuing to perpetuate the message that Republicans our evil and  power hungry.

So, in closing, we need to be the cool ones who rage against the machine. And we need to point out  to the young through comedy, movies, documentaries, paintings and songs that the machine that they need to rage against is the “the Chicago Machine” “the K street Machine”  “Big Washington” and “the big Marxist Hollywood Machine” .