Morton Downey Jr

Even though I know alot of us are old enough to remember Morton, and the Morton Downey Jr show let me describe the program and the experience of watching this late night talk show.

The Morton Downey Jr Show was a conservative leaning talk show. I say leaning because every once in awhile he would take a populist stance on an issue.

The show would open with this brassy looking sixty year old who had a big mouthful of pearly white teeth entering the stage smacking hands and high fiving a bull dog barking audience( Arsenio later on had his audience bark as well). He would then quiet the audience, light up a cigarette, puff and introduce the that night’s topic and then introduce his guests sitting on stage. He would have people who opposed them at podiums with a big mouth painted on the structures.

On the stage most of the time were the liberal loons. And the conservatives  who would disagree with them were at the podiums. The show would get very rowdy and border on parody… but was it?

Well I am bringing this up because it is a time capsule of late 80’s pop culture and demonstrated in a very over the top way the political climate of the decade which was very conservative. And this leads to the points I have to make about this show.

1. Mort was popular because he came off as a working class guy who was conservative(not Archie Bunker). He was a guy we as working stiff conservatives could relate to. Today, our conservativde champions on talk radio are gentle policy wonks(with the exception of Michael Savage). But not Downey, he wasn’t the eloquent speaker but he cut right to the chase and made it clear he was not going to take any Liberal crap.

2. You watched the Morton Downey Show and  it is essentially gave you the “naked lunch” about who liberals really are. Today, they are dressed up and very polished in their presentation. But, deep down the lunacy that the liberals on this show espoused has not changed with our current crop of libs; they have just found a way to make it more respectable.

3.The Morton Downey Jr Show represents a time when we knew exactly what to do with Libs and their crazy ideaology; and that was to tell them where shove their leftist ideaology. It also illustrates a time when we as Conservatives had no fear of Liberals and were not afraid to expose these socialists and just let em have it everytime they opened their mouth. On a political level this was the age of Lee Atwater and landslide victories for Republicans. And because of this, the Libs hated us and feared us.

Well, as you know all of that changed right about the time the first George Bush took office. Out of the starting gate he said he would be a kinder gentler president, signaling that he would shun the Reagan style of conservatism. And coincidently Morton Downey Jr melted down and that was the end of his brand of Conservative talk show host as being excepted as the norm.

Some of you on here will say that rightly so, that today those like Morton Downey Jr(again Michael Savage comes to mind) are marginalized as fringe kooks. Based on how far our country has shifted to the left and how “evolved” we have become I catch myself marginalizing people and personalities like these. But, I cannot ignore the fact that they say all the things that we all want to say; Mort handled the Liberal idiocy the way I wanted to handle it. Back then I sat in front of the tv cheering him on the same way I do when I listen to talk radio in the car.

But, instead of relying on people like them  to do the work for us we need to follow their lead and deal with liberalism head on and unappolegeticaly.

Again there are quite a few of you who will look down your nose at me and say that is stupid and ridiculous. I will respond to by saying in case you haven’t been keeping up with current events we have a president who thinks he has the right and feels very comfortable with using drones against American citizens without giving them due process. Also, instead of saying I will never use drones against US citizens on American soi, he says”I don’t intend to…” I have yet to hear him walk back on that phrasing.  He doesn’t feel the need to becuase he is confident that the American people cannot do squat about it.

Well, with that in mind, I ask myself, what would old Mort say to that? He would, let’s just say have some strong words for the Pres. Now at this point we may not be able to do much as American Citizens about this without the help of our able bodied congressmen and senators. But here is what we can do.

We can demand that his supporters specifically those who elected him demand that he take back that statement. We should give those people no quarter in that regard if they try to defend the President’s position. We should also make a pact with each other to do everything in our power to defeat Democratic canidates with legitimate conservative canidates. And we should demand that they defeat their opponent Morton Downey Jr style– or Michael Savage style. I guaranntee that the small percentage the Republican base who stayed home and caused Romny to lose would show up to vote if we had canidates that were willing to win like that.  As far as I am concerned any Democrat canidate who does not denounce or distance themselves from the President’s “I don’t intend to use drones against American citizens on American soil” should be tarred with the president’s words.

Mr. Downey would expect no less.