How To Win The War In The Trenches.

I have always felt that instead of focusing on Obama that we need to turn our attention to his supporters. Af ter all they are the ones who elected him and they are ultimately responsible for his actions. So, what we need to do is to engage them and counter their stupidness. But, we need to stop using our old tactics. They don’t work. In case you are wondering what I am referring to by old tactics, this is what I mean.

– stop engaging them in a serious debate. What I mean is don’t counter their BS by going into a long discussion about why they are wrong. You do what they do and throw quick jabs at them that they have to defend. For example, they often like to say you don’t like Obama because you are a racist. Well, here is what you can say and I know this sounds crazy but stick with me.  You are for higher taxes because ultimately you want people to starve and die. And furthermore you are a bigot: you have a predjudice against low income people and want to keep them down. Yes I know that’s sounds harsh but what it does is shock them and throw them off their game. Then once they are properly offended and if they are still speaking to you, then school them on economics and then when you are done, you say that is the reason why if you are higher taxes you ultimately want to starve want people to starve and die and are prejudice against low income citizens. Again, I know this sounds harsh but this is war.


-Stop being so serious when you argue. One of the first things that happens to us is that when we hear libs say things that are stupid, our reaction is to pull our hair out in frusteration or if not, reach out and throttle them. When you hear their comments. take a deep breath and ask yourself, how can I ridicule what they say. Libs are masters at the art of ridicule and comedy. Even if we don’t agree with them, the skits on SNL are pretty damn funny. So, hear is an example of how you can ridicule a liberal. When they come out with comments in support of gay marriage you say something like, you know marriage is a great institution and I am glad that they gays are finally getting their right to marry. Now that that gay people can marry and have families, maybe they won’t feel the need to wear assless leather pants in the Gay Pride Parade and wear their jock straps inside their clothes.  Approaching this with humor will help you think more clearly and quickly and again will put them of the defensive. Then you can go on to point out that marriage and family is serious business and involves sacrifice and unselfishness.  As Erick pointed out the other day, be a “Happy Warrior”. I think I am understanding what he meant.


– Also, your points don’t have to be perfect. On our side we get caught up in worrying about whether we have covered all the bases so the other side won’t be able to respond. Don’t worry about that just DO IT.  And don’t worry about it for the following:

1. We give the otherside too much credit in that we think they are armed with facts to counter your arguments. I have found on many occasions on Facebook if you put forth a clever and informative argument they will back down. Use Glenn Beck’s Arguing with Idiots to help you with this task.  Alot of times they are not used to having anybody disagreeing with them. Besides the worst that will happen is they will call you names –and what’s new about that?


2. Libs don’t give up, and they will never cede you any points no matter how good your argument is. But make them anyway and if you      have to, repeat them so they get the point. This is about planting seeds and watering them, so repition never hurts.


I look back to 2010 and earlier when we were clobbering Libs when the Tea Party was strong and Andrew Breitbart was on the scene.  We need to take a page from both their playbooks and carry on with the work of advancing our agenda and “damn the torpedos”.