McCain tough on Charles Hagel

I am sure alot of you have seen the video of Senator McCain grilling Chuck Hagel. Half of me wants to get up and cheer for him. The other half of me wants to ask where the hell was this John McCain during his 08  run for presidency. I would also say this should have been how they approached the hearing with Hillary Clinton. I have a feeling they backed off her for the obvious reason that they didn’t want to incur the wrath of the media and have the press tar them as chauvinistic bullies.

Now I am no fan of Chuck Hgel’s and see him as a Rhino, but maybe somebody can school me on the last time he was responsible for the four deaths of Americans. So, was it really necessary to give hm the type of grilling that should have been reserved for Mrs Clnton? Ths is not rhetorical question I really want to know why.

I also hate to sound like a broken record;but why is it we can tear our own to shreds but can’t seem to utter one unkind word to the bullies on the other side of the aisle? Do we always have to show these ingrates the class and grace they don’t deserve?

I hate to keep ripping on Republicans but we never seem to win the day by being punching bags for the left.