Women In The Israeli Army

Let’s say you’re in an argument with a liberal about American Women In Combat. Now, before I proceed any further, I must say I am building on a comment I posted to another Red Stater’s Diary.

Ok. Again, let’s say you are in an argument with a liberal about American Women in combat. Usually this argument takes place between two men. One is conservative and the other is a sensitive male liberal.

The conservative will say that American women in combat is a bad idea and they will make the argument that it wrecks unit cohesion. They will also make the argument that men are physically stronger then women.

Then, liberal will retort with an example of how Israel uses women in the army to great success which disproves all of conservative’s arguments about unit cohesion etc. Plus, he may go on to say that those women probably fight better then men… blah blah blah!

Well, if I I am using this term correctly he has just put up a “Straw Man” argument. If I have used this term incorrectly then I will say his argument is bunk and holds no water and here is why in several bullet points.

  • An Israeli woman’s experience is far different from an American woman’s experience in that they live in a combat zone. In otherwords, they live with the fact they that could walk into a restaurant or grocery store and get blown to bits by some suicide bomber. So, naturally just living in  this type of environment would make them more combat ready by way of a completely different set of survival instincts. American women, relatively speaking live in a much safer environment and don’t really have the same safety concerns of the Israeli woman.
  • The women in combat in Israel are there out of necessity due to a smaller population. They are needed to round out the fighting force.
  • Israel experiences constant attacks by a guerrilla army on their own soil. For the Israeli citizen it is fight or die and that includes women. Americans are under no such pressure.
  • Just because the Israeli Army employs the use of women does not mean it is an optimal situation for them. Again out of necessity they are forced to make it work.

From what I hear, the reasons for an an American woman wanting to go into combat is so they can rise higher up in the ranks of military? This is far different than the prevailing reason that Israeli women are in combat. Note, that if someday we are being constantly attacked on our own soil from either Mexico or Canada or bugs or aliens from outerspace, I say give every woman an m16 or in the case of aliens a pulse rifle, because again, it will be necessary and we will have no choice in the matter.

Right now, as it stands, women have a choice if they join the military as to whether they want to go into combat. Maybe those women should put aside their egos and ambition and think about what is truly best for the country.