Boehner Just Can't Catch A Break

I really don’t like writing this diary. But when I hear liberals trashing Boehner despite all of his efforts to show them that he is “reasonable” by selling out at least what I think are his own party’s core beliefs, I want to scream and rage at the sky over the fact we are living in Dr. Seuss times.

You see this puts me in a mixed up position where I feel I am forced to defend a leader who I think has done an terrible job representing our interests and that of this country. Unfortunately, even though it pains me I feel it necessary to point out the fact to libs that so far Speaker Boehner has given Obama everything he wants involving taxes and is poised to give him more. And yet the President still treats him like George Mcfly by placing a “Kick Me” sign on his back with a arrow pointing to his butt. This is just painful to watch and I get a headache thinking about it. Like I said, these are very strange times we live in. This is even worse than the predicament that I found myself in watching President Bush wander off the reservation by doing things like signing campaign finance reform, trying to appoint Harriet Myers to the Supreme Court and then going all green in his last State of the Union address. Remember”America is addicted to oil!”

I may not have a point in writing this diary other than to get these things off my chest. But along with that, I make an impassioned plea for a true conservative leader to rise from the ashes of this wreckage we as Republicans are sifting through. We are rudderless people– absolutely rudderless!