Happy Warrior?

After reading Mr, Erickson’s post The  Loyal Opposition where he tells us all to be “Happy Warriors” I can’t help but think he is telling us to just hold hands and skip off to a Grateful Dead or Phish Concert. After all, didn’t they call  Jerry Garcia “The Happy Warrior”?  All kidding and clever observations aside, he basically tells us all to shut up.

I have to say  I am tired of shutting up. Hearing this is nothing new. As a conservative it feels like I am always getting a condescending pat on the head and told to go play with my sister while the grown ups talk. As result when many conservatives hear that message they cut off their nose to spite their face by not voting. I believe that is equally wrong but I do sympathize with my fellow conservative’s sentiment and do not blame them. So, if you want me to be happy, here is what I am looking for.

I want a savage warrior. I want a conservative front runner who is charismatic, articulate and who has the big brass ones to say to the next Democratic challenger(it won’t be Obama)  over my dead body am I going to stand by and let you treat the country and the people this way. Over my dead  body is anyone rich, poor or middle class going to pay any more taxes than they already do. And over my dead body will we spend another dime on programs no one wants or needs. We will cut every program that doesn’t involve police, fire or any other necessity. I think I will start with the IRS.  After that we will cut taxes for everyone. And if by the grace of God there is a surplus in the government,  the lumberjacks will be working over time because we will need alot of dead trees for all of the checks we will cut for the American People. And I will write in the memo section “Thank you America for a job well done, Keep up the good work!”

Again, that is who I am waiting for and I won’t be “happy” until we get a leader who speaks like that and backs up his or her rhetoric with action.

Well, for my part in paving the way for such a person, I am vowing to take a stand for conservatism every chance I get. I am also going to seek out and reach out to Republican and conservative friends, ban together and take it figuratetively speaking to the streets. I intend to be armed with facts and clever one liners to refute all of the drivel that comes my way. I am gong to be make it cool to be a conservative by being the conservative answer to Hunter S Thompson. Where ever Liberals are, I and other s will be there toe to toe, armed with cameras and megaphones. Kid’s will deface their I Pads just as we did our textbooks with my slogans. They will buy my and gobble up my books just like they, the Libs , do Noam Chomsky. And so on and so on. I think we were on our way to doing this when Andrew Breitbart was with us. Well someone needs to continue his work and I have decided that will be me. So, this is how I will do my part and this is how I intend to be a Savage Warrior who is “happy” to carry on the fight. Hopefully others will join me.