Fighting Back

Today, I challenged a liberal when he posted an article by a law professor saying that the 2nd Ammendment wasn’t a guaranttee of a complete and total right to bear arms. Well, I won’t waste your time by detailing the column, but the gist of it was that the writer felt that the Government has the authority to regulate your constitional rights because some very smart Supreme Court judges said so and plus, he is a law professor so we can  all bite him. Pardon the crude expression. Well, I based my rebuttal on some very cogent points from Glen Beck’s Arguing With Idiots. I got very little in the way of return fire.

I have to tell you folks it felt pretty damn good to jerk some liberal colors. And right now, I am, figuratively speaking, blowing smoke off the barrel. But  the point of this diary isn’t to congratulate myself.

It’s to say that is time to engage these people. I know we all have very dear liberal friends, but speaking for myself, I am tired of my friendships being one sided, meaning they get to spout off their liberal beliefs and not be challenged by myself or anyone else out of a fear of offending and  being shunned. It’s time to test the value of our individual friendships with libs. Yes, some people may cease being friends with you but hey, that’s okay because their disowning you over a political discussion meaans you were on shaky ground to begin with. Go out and find some conservative friends.

I don’t have any scientific or statistical proof of this, but it is a gut feeling. If we in the trenches stand up to liberals and challenge them, not fearing the return arrows and other verbal projectiles, we will be that much closer to winning elections again. And again, this is just a feeling I get, and maybe it is because I am still feeling the effects of the high of for once taking a stand  for conservatism.The  projection of strength and confidence goes along way.