Al Gore an Al Jazeera

Knowing that Al Gore sold his failing network to Al Jazeera over Glen Beck makes me want to call him Al Gorezeera. Stupid jokes aside, here is what I think this event tells us. It is plain and simple. To papraphrase Woodrow Call (Tommy Lee Jones) in Lonsesome Dove,”We are up against a bad bunch…”  This just proves that Dems are evil people. They aren’t just a group that we disagree with.  Unless I hear of any high profile Democrat or Liberal admonishing Al Gore for this act of sedition(yes I said it, someone please challenge me on that one, please!) then I will lump every Democrat in this category.

So, what this should mean to all of us Republicans is that we dealing with people who are such: 1. Hypocrits in the fact that they really don’t hate oil, they just want our enemies to have it and not us. 2.They see no problem getting cozy with an outfit like Al Jazeera who again let me reiterate has ties to “Big Oil” and even worse is tied to “Big Terror”. You can’t deny that fact when they sponsored a birthday party for a Terrorist who bludgeoned a four year old girl to death after he killed killed her father in front of her. This makes the Democrats evil and despicable people in my book. Again, someone who is a liberal please speak up on this. Either defend old Al or admonish him.

With this said, it should be real easy to start seeing our opponents for who they really are. The Dems do an excellent job of demonizing and ridiculing us for no reason.  All we can do is go out of our way to try and prove them wrong. We need not do that anymore. Now we have proof that they are the ones who are cold, callous and money grubbing and have the worst intentions for our great nation. Again, someone speak up if you think I am wrong. I know someone will say that it is not fair to lump all Democrats in with Al Gore, but why not? They do it to us all the time. To me, they have no points to make, because from now on, whenever I get into a discussion with a Democrat, I am going to bring up Al Gore and his very lucrative businees deal he made with “Human Slime”. This I feel trumps any argument they have regardless of what the subject matter is. It’s an albatross around their neck and I am going to use it as a club and beat them over the head with it, just like they used Bain Capital against Mitt Romney. Again, I want to hear them try and defend this one.

Oh and one last thing. This could be an assignement for Speaker Boehner and his crew. Why,  maybe they could call Gore and make him appear at hearings so he can explain to his peers why he thought this was a great idea and why we should not consider him an enemy of the state. Again, the Dems do it to us all the time for lesser crimes than this.