Today's GOP

Last night on Fox News, Greta VanSustren was interviewing Newt Gingrich. He said that Republicans need to accept “Gay Marriage”. It is here and legal in at least 15 states. We don’t have to agree with it, he said, but we have to accept it as the reality. Well, thanks Newt. And oh yes, thank you also for giving Obama the big stick in the form of “Bain Capital” that he beat Romney over the head with.(but I will get to that later)

I’d like to take Gingrich’s premise and apply it to the GOP. I am willing to accept the party for what it is. I don’t have to participate in its business(since I am a conservative I think that is ok with the party intelligentsia) but I have to accept the reality. So, here is what I need to come to terms with.

  • It is a party that can’t field a canidate to beat one of the all time worst presidents.
  • It is a party that contains a governor of a postage stamp size state who takes on the attitude of that his state and fiefdom comes first and the rest of the country can kiss his ass. As a result, he gave a self serving speech at the Republican convention, told the Republican canidate to stay the hell out of his tiny state when that canidate offered to help and then snuggled up to the  canidate’s political oppenent in the name of helping his state and completely ignoring the big political picture.
  • It is a party that engages in long primaries where the lead canidate tears the others a new one and roars like a lion. But when it comes time to fight the real enemy he or she is a kitten. His or her Republican opponents return the favor by doing opposition research such as Gingrich did with Bain Capital for Obama.
  • It is the party of John Boehner who instead of being a check and balance to the Executive Branch, bends over backward to cut deals with the president. After all, he is a Congressman of a blue state and wants to get reelected. And oh yes, I didn’t forget you Paul Ryan. You thought it was better to take lesser of two evils, and “kick the can down the road” by voting for the Tax Increase. Your reason, if you didn’t taxes would have gone up even more. Gee thanks bud, you saved me a nickel. Have  some drinks and a juicy steak… the american people are buying.
  • It’s a party that hires super consultants who say they can get the canidate votes that usually go to their opponent. All our guy or gal has to do is tell their base to go to hell. Which of course they do, only to find out that the votes they wanted will go to other side because, why  go for  go for Democrat Lite when you can get the straight stuff. And yes, Boehner even went farther to purge the party of conservatives by throwing the Conservative congress people out of some very powerful commitees. You see he has learned like we all have that when you are being mugged, you give the mugger everything he wants in the hope that he will spare your life. And sure enough, Boehner and Mconnell have given our Mugger in Chief everything he wants so that maybe their political hides could be spared.

Well, phew! This my friends is the state of our Grand Old Party. It is what it is and the majority of party members like it that way. It’s not going to change anytime soon. I know what you will ask me. “What choice do we have?” Why we need “keep our powder dry” “play our best hand” out manauever our opponents like you would in a game of chess, because as we all know Boehner, Mconnell and his ilk are Bobby Fischers when it comes to the great game of political chess. We saw their great prowess on display during the Fiscal Cliff deal talks.

So, with all this in mind, I encourage all of you Rhino supporters and surrenderers on this site to fire away at me. But, may I ask you to incude in your comments how you think the Republican Party is any different than the Democrat Party? I can help you out with a few sample answers.

  • We can be for a Flag burning ammendment. After all we need to shore up the “Cracker Vote.”
  • We are also for Amnesty. But one thing we will do is tell the “Illegal Aliens” that they better behave themselves or we will hold our collective breath until we turn purple.
  • We’ll have people like George Will and Bill Kristol and oh yes, O Reilly(the culture Warrior) bray about the negative messages in that “thar” rap music. And they will also lament our nations unwillingness to celebrate Christmas.
  • At election time we’ll talk about how hard work made this country great and how we all need to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps. Why just look back at the greatest generation! But we’ll still keep taxes for the producers high(that’s my name for the rich) we just won’t raise them any higher.
  • And oh yes, we will also bray about some government waste and how we’ll trim a little fat off the Bureacracy and keep costs low. But we will keep the structure pretty much intact. IE there were parts of Obamacare Romney liked.

Ok, that’s it. I am done. Remember, in the words of Dennis Miller, that’s  my opinion I could be wrong, Gotta go, John Galt is here. Plumely out!