The Newtown Connecticut School Shooting

I really don’t even want to be writing about this. The last thing I wanted to do was politicize another gun tragedy. But it seems that I’m being forced by the usual suspects(liberals) to speak politically about this.

As we all predicted their immediate reaction is to call for more gun control . But  what they don’t do is direct their anger at the real problem. And that is the shooter.  So here we go again, we are most likely going to get legislation for more gun laws that mirror the ones we already have on the books.

It would be nice when something like this happens to come up with solutions that are effective.  But unfortunately, we are outnumbered by a lot of knee-jerk reactionaries.

I will conclude by asking the liberals to do just one thing for me.  Would you at least say that Ryan Lanza was an evil man ?  Coupled with that, would you come to terms with the fact that he would have killed those children regardless of whether he had a gun or not ?  You see when you start thinking in those terms, you actually move toward sourcing the problem rather than coming up with a bunch of feel-good  policies  that  take away more of our freedoms and move us that much closer to tyranny .