Conservatism Defined

This is not the final word on Conservatism. But I thought I would get the ball rolling by beginning to formulate a simple definition of the ideology. So, here goes nothing.

On the economy:  A Conservative believes that the economy will prosper if people can keep more of their hard-earned money. As a result, they will actually pay taxes  and contribute more to the country through their hard work.

On government:  A Conservative believes the smaller the government the better.  A smaller government means a freer society.  They also believe it is the citizen’s job to reign in a goverment if it grows to unweildy. As a result, we have in place the 2nd amendment to protect us against tyranny.

On Culture and Country:  A Conservative believes in the sovereignty of the nation.   They believe in maintaining our country’s individual identity.  To do that we need to protect our borders , language and culture.

On family:  A conservative believes that our society is stronger when we have a traditional nuclear family structure .  This structure will guarantee the survival of the human race .

On religion:  A conservative believes in God. It is this faith in the Almighty that guides our personal decisions and comforts us in times of hardship.

Well this is a start.   Feel free to comment and try to revise this definition or add things to it