An open letter to John Boehner

Dear Sir,

I don’t know much about this fiscal cliff, but here’s what I think you are trying to do. You are seeing that Obama wants to raise taxes and raise spending. So, what you’re doing is trying to come up with some “middle ground ” by agreeing to higher taxes while trying to get the president to reduce spending.  Hmm, I guess you think this will ensure the solvency of our government. Well, you might be right, somewhat.  Honestly, I really don’t know.

What I do know, is that increasing taxes will take away more of my hard earned money.    With that said, I ask you, would you be willing to write an extra check for me and pay my share of those higher taxes?  You see Mr. Boehner, I’m a little tapped out right now.

Now I know you probably can’t stop Mr. Obama from doing whatever he wants to do. Thanks to you and your squishy buddies over at the RNC, we lost the 2012  election to one of the worst presidents of all time.   And as a result, Mr. Obama can tell you to go pound sand  and  that he will do along with increasing taxes and raising spending at the same time, results be damned.

So again, I know you really can’t stop this.  But here’s what you can do. If you truly believe what the president is doing is wrong, it is time to be a civil servant and not a powerbroker or dealmaker.  What that means is taking a stand for the people who elected you. And you do that by telling the president that what he is doing to his electorate is evil and fiscally unsound.  Yes I know that won’t stop him from doing it.

But Sir, you are under no obligation to help him screw this country either.  This is especially true if you love this nation, which I hope you do .

The other point that I would like to make to you Mr. Boehner is that your compromise only delays the inevitable.  We will go off the fiscal cliff if we keep taxing people into the poor house and demoralizing them  so they will not work and drop out of society .  When that happens Sir where do you think the revenue will come from? Hopefully, people like you will pick up the slack with your very deep pockets.

I will repeat, the best thing you can do is oppose what this megalomaniac of a president wants to do to our economy.  It may not feel like the most effective thing now , but in the long term it will of been the greatest thing you can do for your beloved country.

You see , Sir, if you make a deal with him now he’ll just come at you with something even more extreme that you will have no choice but to agree to.   You already did that when you said Obama Care is the law of land.  You hoisted that white flag of surrender the day after the election. I’m not sure that you understand any of what I am telling you or  what it means to be a Republican– and I know you don’t have a clue about what it means to be a conservative.  So with that said, I will conclude by saying I hope it can be arranged for you to be fired from your position as Speaker of the House . If not that, then I hope the good Republicans of Ohio will have the courage two primary you 2014.  On that note I end this rant.