My thoughts on winning the Hispanic vote and Amnesty

Since after the election all I hear is that the main reason we lost is because we failed to reach out to Hispanics. What does that mean? It’s a rhetorical question.

I’ll do my best to break the issue down in simple terms .

According to the experts and consultants, in order to win the Hispanic vote, we must be for amnesty .  To me, amnesty equals looking the other way when someone breaks our laws .

So I would ask the experts and consultants this :  What kind of message are we sending someone if we say it is okay  for them to break the laws of this land ?

I would also ask, how can we trust someone to follow all of our other laws if we allow them  a pass on this one?    Is this law not an important one?

I am also wondering if those that enter this country illegally really understand what it means to be an American .    Do they get the fact that it is hard work maintaining this great nation of ours?

I understand and am  sympathetic to those who seek a better life for themselves and their families.   That notion is not lost on me.

But what I want, is someone who wants to be here because they love this country and wants to contribute and help it thrive.

I just don’t believe that amnesty and turning a blind eye to immigration regulation promotes love of this country.

The way to reach out to Hispanics is to make it clear that we do want people here who have a willingness to enter this country legally. Because if they do that, there is a much better shot at prospering .

Those  who want to grant you amnesty are doing so in the name of cheap labor and pandering for your political support .  So I say again, the Republican party is the party that wants you to succeed and not just exist here on the fringes of society like the Democrats want you to do .