Who Obama Supporters Are

Correct me if I am wrong. But I think it was Lord Maynard Keynes who said “In the long run we’ll all be dead.” He based his economic philosophy on that saying.

This is what your average Obama supporter believes. In other words, a lot of them believe that they could just kick off tomorrow.

As a result, why not get what you can get now and live it up while you still can ? Who cares about the future, because there is none. The various factions among the Obama supporters believe a version of this meme.

For instance, the Hispanics(and I’m not talking about the ones in the Republican Party who believe in hard work) believe that they have received a raw deal and are going to get one no matter what they do. The people in their own country work hard to convince them of the notion that the US is out to screw them. They in turn believe it is ok to break our laws and do what ever they need to do for their own interests. US be damned! So along comes Obama who rationalizes their behavior and promises them free stuff.

The gay community regardless of their economic situation, thinks they are being discriminated against .   Despite the fact that their lifestyle has been all but mainstreamed , they still think the “breeders” are out to get them . They continue to do what they can to corrupt the culture.  So along comes Obama and promises them their lifestyle without the consequences .

The African-American community is being told that Whitey won’t give them a fair shake regardless of how hard they work.   The Republican message of working hard and achieving their dreams  means playing into Caucasian hands and robbing them of their cultural heritage.  Who wants to do that?  Let’s get as  much gravy as we can before it runs out.

So, along comes Obama and offers them free stuff.

With this in mind,  I ask this question : Are these the votes we want ? To  answer my own question , I say no .  And the reason is because I don’t like what the Republican party has to become to obtain these votes .  Instead of going after the people that hate us ,we should be try to reach those Republicans who stay home on election night because they don’t think the Republican candidate represents their conservative values .

Now with this said, I still believe we have a responsibility to educate those who have no understanding of the Judeo-Christian principles this country was founded on . We can do that by speaking in very simple terms . I would start by stating the following .

  •  Anything that is freely given to you can be easily taken away.
  •  This great country wasn’t acquired for free.   It was fought for and we need to continue to fight for it and maintain its beloved principles of liberty and prosperity for all .
  •  This won’t be achieved  by stealing from each other in the name of compassion.