A Memo To The Future Republican Canidates

Dear future Republican candidates,

I hate to keep sounding like I’m ripping on you, but I hope you will take this as sound advice. Before I give any actual advice, let me point out two simple things I’ve noticed in this and the last election cycle.


1.The winner of the primaries and the one who becomes our presidential candidate, does  a remarkable job of decimating his fellow  Republican contenders .


2.When it comes time to fight the real enemy ,  who is the Democratic candidate for president  and who is either and incumbent or a challenger, the Republican candidate treats his opponent with kid gloves .

I really feel that pattern of behavior creates a real disconnect with your voters.  It makes you look schizophrenic.   It also adds an air of self-loathing to your personality.   And that too turns off your voters.   Also, no amount of ” Get out the vote ” is going to win you any actual votes if you’re not truly sincere about wanting to beat your opponent .   Now I will say, that Mitt Romney by the end of the election, did want to  beat Obama.  Unfortunately, it was a touch too late.

So  my  advice to  you is this: don’t run for president  unless you are truly serious about beating your Democratic opponent decisively by exposing who he truly is ideaologically.  And if you find yourself in the presidential primary not having the stomach to fight your Democratic opponent aggressively , please drop out of the race and give the true competitors a chance.