A Few Choice lines for the 2016 Republican Canidate's Convention Speech

Again, my goal on this site is to lessen my criticism of Republicans and offer solutions for their success in the next election. The one thing you can do and we all can do is make sure that the population does not forget what happened in Benghazi. To me that is the focal point in the collage that makes up Obama’s failures. With that said here are a few pithy lines that address and other issues.

1. I don’t want to step across the aisle and work with Democrats to get something done. I want to work with you the people and restore your constitutional freedoms and help you achieve success and good fortune.

2.This is not to say I’m incapable of working with Democrat  Senators and Congressmen.  But if I do, I guarantee we will get something done and that will be something that is done to you and not for you.

3.As far as taxing the wealthy, I believe the filthy  rich should pay more  and here is a list of who I think  those people are : Hollywood actors, producers , and big studio owners.   NBC, ABC , CBS and all of their news anchors. I would suggest to all of you  thatI just mentioned that instead of saving the whales, you might want to start saving your money because you’ll need it to pay for the large tax increases that I’m going to impose on you. I know you all can afford it.

4. Those who actually own businesses and create things that we need, you get a tax break.

5. Rest assure that I can find alot of other pork barrel projects to cut before I would even think about cutting the military, police, fire or teachers.

6.  Oh and  to those  ambassadors and anyone else serving our country in dangerous places around the world, if you’re ever in trouble give me a call and I assure you I will send the Marines to help you. In the fog of war it will be very clear that you need your president’s assistance.

7. America is exceptional and I will not apologize for  our country when I travel to other nations. Nor will I bow to any foreign leader.

Those are just a few things that I think a conservative presidential candidate should say.  If I think of anymore I will post them in another diary.