What Happened?

I don’t have any real clear reasons as to why we lost. Today we’re all asking ourselves what happened. We are shocked. We are mad. And we have every right to be. I say this because I’m feeling the same things that a lot of other conservatives are feeling: that somehow we’ve been burned again by the Republican Party. But contrary to the defeat in 08, it is very confusing as to just how we were fooled.

Again let me stay that I don’t have an answer as to why we lost . It seems that we all behaved ourselves and took the high road and showed class and grace. We won the intellectual argument about governing and the economy. But somehow we just couldn’t make a passionate enough case for our ideology.

The one thing I’ve learned is that you can be small minded , nasty and have no agenda and if you’re a Democrat, you win.  If you are Republican, you are obligated to be focused on positive and big ideas and oh yes , one last thing, you must lose.

I will say that part of our problem is that we have a  group of people who are far too caught up in the game of political chess : i.e. Karl Rove, and others.  They seemed to spend most of their time reading Sun Tzu and Clausewitz and burying their heads in polls and statistics .  What we are missing are strategists like Lee Atwater and others who knew how to fight  effectively in the mud.

As of right now, I think the Republican Party is about as effective as the UN .  Basically, they  are fat cats who sit in their oak paneled offices , smokes cigars ,  and talk to each other about how they can hold onto their own power .  To hell with the people who voted them into office .   Well, I  think I’ve said all I can say and done all I can do for the GOP.  As of today, I will now refer to myself as merely a conservative. Republican Party you will fail me know more.