What Nobody Has Said About Mitt Romney

I have plenty of reasons to oppose Mitt Romney’s candidacy, but I am shocked that nobody has brought this up about him: he is Barack Obama’s ideal choice for an election opponent.

Barack Obama is weak as a candidate because his administration has instituted draconian, top-heavy policies that are draining the national coffers. The campaign that will successfully overthrow him is the one that emphasizes smaller, less intrusive, less costly government.

Mitt Romney, however, cannot run that campaign. He instituted the same draconian, top-heavy policies that are now draining the Massachusetts government.

Barack Obama’s strongest campaign strategy will be to polarize the nation against the rich 1%, blame the 2008 crash on Wall Street capitalists, and paint the Republicans as the defenders of the rich capitalists.

Mitt Romney made his money and reputation as one of those Wall Street capitalists. He is the perfect target for Barack Obama’s re-election campaign.

So Mitt Romney is the worst possible candidate to unseat Barack Obama, and the best possible candidate for Obama to run against.

Now do we all see why the press has been calling Romney the inevitable Republican nominee, and has been avoiding any negative stories about him? The notion that Romney is the only Republican who can beat Obama is pure nonsense. The notion that Romney can beat Obama at all is nonsense. Romney is Obama’s choice for opponent.