Florida reporter banned

Funny how when the reporter in Florida quoted Karl Marx ideology and asking the question to Biden how is Obama different from Marx when she recited the socialist rhetoric, which by the way as Obama’s share the wealth ideology, Biden blew her off. When she asked Biden about his own statement regarding the U.S. being tested if Obama is elecgted, and if that meant that no action would be taken because of Biden’s statement that Obama’s action may not seem correct Biden’s response was sexist asking “who writes your questions”. Not only did Biden not answer the question the Obama camp banned the news station from further interviews. Funny how the Obama camp does not care for Fox News or any other News that has the audacity of hope for the truth and asks the most crucial questions. Instead they put a spin on it claiming the News media that actually asks questions they can’t answer are only out to make them look bad. What is going on here when nobody in the media either asks the questions or gets the opportunity? www.Fedupnewjerseymom.com