What We Do Wrong When Trying to Reach the Independent

I know it’s tough, when they fall for the indoctrination, the poor animals suffering and the planet being killed by toxins.  BUT, without them, Obama’s mad campaign to due harm to the USA will proceed without much to stop it.

Rather than stating that we do no harm, it is better to aim for the possibility that there are ways we do damage to the planet.  As we have heard, many times from many good people that are just being hoaxed, “There is science that shows we are damaging the earth!”.  Hence the label, “deniers”.

I listen to people stating the various sides of arguments like this on a daily basis, but neither side really accomplishes the goal of convincing the other.  Perhaps if it was to be explained on a more objective basis, the true message would be sent, without denying the other person’s point of view.

I have begun to say that, “Ok, let’s say you are right.  No politics involved.  We are doing damage to the earth on a daily basis.  How would you feel if I said I would be willing to do my part on a volutary basis to help clean it up without having someone tell me to do it?  Or, if I would carry on the way it is now,  who do you think is going to be in charge?” I would try to gain some understanding by saying, “I want to know how you would feel knowing that our lakes, forests, rivers and streams, the Grand Canyon, the everglades and all of our national treasures would no longer be owned by us? That we may no longer have access to these places in the future and there would be no real guarantee that any of these wonderful and beautiful places would be spared by the new owners?”

I would go on to explain that at this very minute, our ownership in all of these places that you have fought years to save, was about to be signed away forever by our President.  Everything we hold dear.  All of our natural resources and waterways will be signed away, forever.

The Copenhagen Treaty will take our country away from us and will give it to the World Bank and the UN to run.  The wealth promised to smaller nations will probably never reach them, as it will be forever gobbled up by the New World Government and squandered on the lavish lifestyles of their leaders, while the suffering will more than likely die of starvation and deprevation the likes of which we have never before witnessed.

Most Liberal leaning persons are not like Washington.  Quite a few of them live in our homes.  My children have been indoctrinated to a certain extent. They have stated Global Warming to be a fact, since they have been taught the “truth” for several years.  When I explain that, true,  there is pollution.  And perhaps, some people have a strong belief that there is warming going on, we must take the time and effort to show true scientific evidence and make sure that this evidence is reached without giving away our nation to anyone.  If the evidence proves that we have problems, we, as a nation, should be the ones to solve it.

Too many people of the world do not like us.  That is the truth of it.  We cannot allow our President to put us all in harm’s way by signing this treaty.  I do not want the UN or World Bank or anyone else controlling all we hold dear and the truth of the matter is, we are in danger of becoming extinct as a nation if this continues any further.

Maybe this path would be a better approach.  No science to argue, just freedom.