Trump Tax Protesters Lead With Ignorance

What I saw this past weekend were a bunch of ignorant people clamoring for President Trump to release his tax returns. Why?


I doubt many of these people even know what they’re talking about. They all repeat the talking point that they want to know where Trump gets his money from. Code: Must be Putin. They seem to think some tax returns would show them that. All a tax return will tell them is where Trump got money for that particular year, how much he made (or lost) and how much he paid in taxes. He is under no legal requirement to release his tax returns, He defeated a lying, corrupt, felon without doing so.

I seriously doubt the snowflakes would know how to read Trump’s entire tax return even if they saw it. What their true agenda is to harass Trump, who they hate with every fiber of their being. Democrats are under some delusion that they can force Trump to resign. One loudmouth congressional representative from California wants to impeach trump. Now. On what charge, who knows. Ms. Waters kept her mouth shut when President Obama released POW’s to the battlefield so they could kill more Americans and our allies. That is called treason and the penalty for treason is death. But it was Obama, so that was OK.

If the left really wanted to know where Trump gets his money, they would look at his financial disclosure, which is required to be filed. I did look. It is 109 pages long. It tells where Trump gets his money from, and who he owes. If you read it, you’ll know what he owns. What makes more money, his hotels or his golf courses? The financial disclosure will tell you. That’s why they are required and sharing tax returns are not

Everything you want to know about Donald Trump’s financials are in there. But that’s not what the left is interested in. Their naive protests this past weekend proved it.

That’s my opinion…