Trump said he'd run the country as a business, and he is!

Politicians running for office too often say whatever you want to hear. All many of them care about at that time is getting elected or re-elected. I once ran for office against someone like that. I knew this person and I knew his politics. But once we hit the trail, he suddenly changed. Some of his new positions were 180° opposite of what he really believed. So one day I asked him what was up with his new positions. He said he had taken advice from a career bureaucrat, whom I also knew. The advice was he can’t change the world if he doesn’t get elected, and he was willing to lie to the voters to get there. That just wasn’t my style.

Americans were getting tired of the crap in Washington. Barrack Obama was a continuous train wreck. Republicans ran several good candidates for President, but voters had become so jaded, they all appeared alike to them. And then there was Donald Trump.

The Donald was a successful businessman and not a politician. As a developer, he had a reputation for getting things done.


He was what Americans were waiting for. Not a politician, Trump was a successful businessman, experienced in running a large, prosperous organization. Including running it efficiently, without excessive waste. I spent 10 years working for a municipal government, and trust me, waste is embedded in all levels of government.

Trump wants to Make America Great Again. Not losing jobs to other countries. Not strangling businesses with excessive regulations. Repair our healthcare system that Democrats destroyed. No more throwing away money at the man-made climate change hoax. Get people good full-time jobs, not low-paying part-time jobs that had become so common. Stop the corruption and stop bypassing congress and issuing illegal executive orders,

In other words, drain the swamp.

Expect Trump to be quick and decisive. Don’t look for him to telegraph his moves. He is a businessman and will act like one, so much as government allows. Businessmen get rid of cancers, so disloyal employees better get their resumes updated. It’s no different than being a head coach of a professional sports team. If any players are not supportive of the coach, they have to go.

This is what the voters wanted. And it’s what they are getting.