Democrats Still Don't Get It

Donald J. Trump is now President of the United States. So what’s next for the Democrat party? Do they bounce back as political parties inevitably do, or does the party disappear into history? This is a valid question based on the decimation of the party during the Obama Administration and Democrat’s reaction to their massive defeats.

Leading Democrats think Trump’s victory was a fluke. They have produced all kinds of crazy excuses as to why Hillary Clinton lost. The latest justification is that the Russians somehow helped Trump get elected.


Democrats spend much time separated from reality. What about reports that Hillary was helped by Ukraine and German Chancellor Angela Merkel? I guess it’s only bad if it helps Republicans.

The first obvious reason for Trump’s win is the fact that Hillary is a lying, corrupt criminal. John Podesta made the password for his email “password.” Yes, the man responsible for running Hillary’s campaign is really that stupid. Half of the planet probably hacked his emails, so nobody knows who WikiLeaks got his emails from. What matters is that emails were exposed, they were accurate, and they proved many things, including corruption by both Hillary and the media.

Another reason for Trump’s win was the complete and total failure and corruption of the Obama administration. Working-class Americans (that’s most of us), were sick and tired of failed liberal crap. Obamacare took away meaningful health insurance coverage for millions of Americans, created the 29-hour workweek for million of Americans, drastically reducing their pay, and cost Americans their doctors and insurance plans, things Obama said would not happen.

Obama’s Attorneys General were corrupt. He released POW’s so they could return to the battlefield to kill Americans and our allies. And the list goes on and on and on. Americans down on the farm, the factories and the unemployed had had enough.

Another failure of the left was sticking to their tried and true strategy: identity politics. Blacks will vote for the Democrat. Hispanics will vote for the Democrat. Jews will vote for the Democrat. People in Midwest industrial states like Michigan and Wisconsin will vote for the Democrat. So Hillary ignored all of these people. Mistake. Instead, the Democrats focused on women and Florida, and to hell with everyone else.

Just to be sure, Hillary spent over $1 billion to get herself elected. After all, in politics money equals win.

Hold the phone.

Social media is where it’s at these days. And that doesn’t take dump trucks full of money. Social media takes expertise. And Trump followed the traditional Republican approach. Help all people, not buckets full of people. Times are changing, and Democrats are getting left behind.

So you’re thinking, change! That would be the smart thing to do, and there are Democrats who get it. But they have been pushed down by the elites and remain a powerless minority. Such as Ohio’s Tim Ryan. Democrats missed a huge opportunity when they failed to make Ryan their House leader.

Instead, they re-elected 76-year-old Nancy Pelosi, who usually sounds like she is in need of a dementia test. She is in complete denial. She believes Trump’s win was a fluke assisted by the Russians. Or James Comey. Or Wikileaks. Or fake news. Or trash publications at checkout lines. The Electoral College (everyone knew the rules going in. They haven’t changed since 1788). Or whatever lame excuse the left can come up with.

But there is a problem with all of those excuses. It wasn’t just Hillary. Democrats got slaughtered all over the country. Liberalism and socialism, the fundamental beliefs of the Democrat Party, have failed worldwide whenever it has been tried. Barrack Obama is a classic example of why liberalism and socialism does not fit under our Constitution. Countless times Obama took the lazy way out and bypassed congress to make laws himself. That is what dictators do. Fortunately, most of that will be undone this week. Our Constitution will be followed.

In recent years, Democrats have lost both houses of congress, the oval office, 1000 state legislative seats and 12 governorship’s. 68 of the nation’s 98 partisan state legislatures are Republican. So tell me again about the Russians.

So the left has responded to this with riots. They’re burning cars and smashing windows. Madonna said she is seriously thinking about burning down the White House. Would that mean Trump would no longer be President? Yes, people are that stupid.

So the Democrat Party will cling to their identity politics, their elites and their mobs. R.I.P.