Sports Broadcasts and Awards Shows No Place For Politics

ESPN is hemorrhaging potential viewers. Big time. They have lost millions of potential viewers in 2016. More and more people are cutting the cord and using streaming services for their TV reception. And ESPN isn’t necessarily on everyone’s must-see TV.

This hits ESPN right where it hurts. In the pocket book. Fewer viewers means lower advertising rates. Networks generally give advertisers a guarantee of a minimum number of viewers. Miss that mark, and the advertiser gets a partial refund. That is not good for ESPN.

Despite the loss of potential viewers, ESPN continues to annoy half of their audience with left-wing political comments during sports broadcasts. Those comments are generally accepted by ESPN management. But if someone utters a conservative comment, there is a good chance a suspension or firing will follow.

Now when I turn on a ballgame, I want it to be an escape from real world problems. I don’t to hear about politics. I deal with politics every day, and a ballgame is supposed to be entertainment. I want to focus on touchdowns, tackles, hits RBI’s or whatever is applicable to what I’m watching. No politics.

Then there is the obnoxious Hollywood Left. They somehow believe that since they’re famous actors, they are qualified to teach us about politics.


We saw a perfect example of this last week. The Golden Globes is an awards show for movies and television. My wife likes to see the outfits. Meryl Streep was given a Lifetime Achievement Award, which she richly deserves. When accepting the award, Streep unloaded a lengthy hate filled rant against Donald Trump. She obviously preferred the other candidate, a lying, corrupt criminal.

Now I never use Streep as my political analyst, so I don’t know why I would care about her misinformed opinions. But she used receiving the prestigious award to spew her personal political beliefs, She even called the millionaires victims. That’s when I turned it off.

Just like ballgames, Hollywood awards shows are not appropriate for political speech. When politics seeps into ballgames or Hollywood awards shows, I change the channel.