History is history. It is not 2017

Georgia congressman John Lewis stirred up a hullabaloo when he said Donald Trump would not be a legitimate President.


This is a United States congressman! Now I understand Lewis is a liberal and no fan of Trump. I am a conservative and am no fan of Barrack Obama. I opposed Obama whenever I felt he was wrong, which has been most of the time. This is how politics is done in America. But Obama is my President. Any cheating aside, Obama was legally elected. Conservatives didn’t need safe spaces or counselors. We didn’t cry and claim Obama wasn’t legitimate. We lost an election. We sucked it up and moved on.

The left in this country has been in a nonstop hissy fit ever since the lying, corrupt and criminal Hillary Clinton lost. Apparently Democrats feel entitled to permanent rule. Not sure why that would be. One party has never been entitled to permanent power. FDR (a Democrat) tried, but the 22nd amendment was passed in 1947, limiting the President to two terms.

Barack Obama hates the 22nd amendment.

The Hollywood left, the MSM media and all of the other crybabies out there need to get over themselves. You didn’t get your way. So what? You’re not always going to get your way in life, so you better learn to deal with that. You are making complete asses of yourselves.

But for a well-respected congressman of 30 years to say the President will not be legitimate is just childish. Lewis sets a bad example for all Americans, including our youth. John Lewis should be ashamed of himself. He obviously has the right to not like Trump, and to fight against him. But for crying out loud, grow the hell up.

Lewis has very selective rage. There are now reports that Ukraine helped Hillary. Fake news? I havo no idea. I don’t hear Lewis whining about that. We know Obama tried to keep Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu from being re-elected. Not a word from John Lewis. That is because he is a left-wing hack.

Now because Lewis has a commendable history fighting for equal rights, Democrats and the MSM think this gets him a lifetime pass from criticism. I think not. His history is good, but this is 2017. His refusal to accept Donald Trump as our legitimate President really makes him unfit to serve in congress. It is time for Lewis to go home to his crime-ridden district and retire.