Hillary Clinton lost because of Hillary Clinton. Period

President Obama has decided to sanction Russia not because they influenced our presidential election (because they didn’t), but because the Russians have practiced years of unscrupulous cyber activity. Much of the media is not reporting this correctly. Fake news.

I’m sure the Russians are cyber-attacking us everyday. I presume we are cyber-attacking Russia everyday. We know Obama likes to listen to Angela Merkel’s cellphone.

Democrats are still trying to come up with why Hillary Clinton lost. It wasn’t because of Russia. Or James Comey. Or Julian Assange. Or the media. It wasn’t fake news. It wasn’t people misreading their Facebook feeds. It wasn’t The Onion. It wasn’t rigged voting machines and it wasn’t a rigged Electoral College.

Hillary Clinton lost because she is a lying, corrupt criminal. Period.

The corrupt left-wing media (that has now been proven, too) is lying to you when they say Russia influenced the election. Repeat – they did not.

Democrats have turned America into a political sewer. The DNC fixing the primaries and the Project Veritas videos proves it. Of course Obama and Hillary are both truth-challenged, so they will never admit that. They will always try to blame somebody else.