Keep the Electoral Voters, Bag the Electors

The elitists on the left are too arrogant to accept defeat. They cannot believe there are people, lots of people, who believe differently than they do. So they call us all sorts of nasty names. Typical Democrat playbook.

So now they’re trying to somehow defeat Donald Trump in the Electoral College vote on Monday.


They are inundating Republican Electors with mountains of trash. One Michigan Elector said on TV that he has received 60,000 emails. He then showed a laundry basket crammed with snail mail. They all want this Elector to vote for anyone but Trump. This Elector made it very clear that he is voting for Trump. Period. Even with the massive Democrat cheating in Detroit, the people of Michigan chose Trump. I have heard similar stories from other Republican Electors.

What do the sore losers hope to accomplish? In the nearly impossible chance that the House of Representatives has to decide who is President, it will be Trump. The Senate will make Mike Pence the Vice President. So?

Donald Trump was elected in a legal election. The whiners don’t like that. They don’t want a Democratic Republic. They want a dictatorship and they get to decide who the dictator is. They want another failure like Barack Obama.

Now the left wants to eliminate the Electoral College. Not because that’s what best for America. They want to eliminate the Electoral College because their corrupt candidate lost. Which shows a massive misunderstanding of civics. They would be happy if California and New York selected the President and to hell with everyone else.

I suggest we keep the electoral votes for the states, but bag the electors. When each state certifies the vote, that’s it. It is official. We will know the winner on election night or the next morning. All of the current voting rules would remain the same. Just no electors. Of course this would require a Constitutional Amendment, which is a difficult process that takes a lot of time. But hey – Republicans pretty much control the entire country now, so why not?

Then this stupid nonsense the left is trying to pull would never happen again.